1. TK – 1st Graders: May present COLLECTIONS or MODELS only. Collections and models should be science-based with names, labels, and facts listed. Collections and Models must be individual entries (no teams/partners). These projects are not judged by the Science Committee.

2. 2nd – 5th Graders: May present EXPERIMENTS only. Experiments may be individual entries or teams of two. These projects are judged by the Science Committee. Grade-level winners (top 4 scores) will be eligible to advance to the Local District Northeast STEAM Fest in April and the District 3 Science Fair competition in May.

3. Any Science Project which includes the observation of animals must ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animal at all times. All Science Projects that involve living organisms must adhere to local, state, and federal regulations (such as with endangered plant species, etc.). Displays relating to Life Science should include photographs, illustrations, or recordings of organisms – living plants and animals will not be accepted as part of the display. Dried seeds, leaves, or flowers are allowed.

4. Resources should be listed in MLA format. Works Cited resource: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/1/

5. All Projects must be mounted on a trifold project board. If items will not fit on the display board upright (or without falling over), they can be displayed flat on a 24″x24″ board. You can also mount photographs instead. Example trifold project boards: http://elmers.com/products/foam-and-display-boards

6. Do not write student names or or have identifiable pictures on the front of the Display Board. This is to ensure impartial judging for our 2nd – 5th grade students.

7. Attach a completed Display Board Label to the back of the project.

8. Deliver Science Fair Projects to the Science Lab (Classroom 30) only. Do not drop-off Science Projects with teachers or the Front Office staff. The Science Lab will be open to receive Display Boards before school and after school on Friday, February 23, 2018. Projects received after this date may not be included in the Science Fair.

9. Do not drop off any loose Science Project elements – these can be lost during transport to the judging area. Students who need to use loose elements such as a report or model to demonstrate the project results should bring those to share during their Presentation day (schedule to follow).

10. Loose project elements can be set-up for the Science Fair. Students may setup their loose elements at 1:00 on the day of the Science Fair (or parents can assist at 2:30). Loose elements must be removed by students/parents at the end of the Science Fair at 5:00 on Friday, March 16, 2018.

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